Terms and Conditions

Memorandum of Understanding

Awesome Critter Gitters is a DNR Licensed and Insured Wildlife Control Service. We do not rent or sell wildlife control equipment. The traps and equipment we leave on your property are used for the professional wildlife control service requested. It’s your responsibility to protect our traps and equipment.


Inspections: covers the service call, estimate and consultation for ONE SPECIES OF ANIMAL ONLY! Each species require special equipment for examining specific areas of a building. DO NOT ASSUME WE WILL FIND MOUSE HOLES DURING A BAT, RACCOON, SQUIRREL ETC. INSPECTION. Mice inspections are as individual as the bigger animals. Most homes have mice and the species of animal the homeowner has recently became aware of. We do not guarantee homes to be “totally pest free” after removing one target species of animal. We do not remove “noises”.  


All Wildlife Control Contracts are for 5 days maximum duration, starting from the “Start Date” on the contract. Exclusion-Barrier estimates are good for 5 days also.


Set up fee covers: the trap or control device set up, rebaiting, maintenance and removal.


Per Animal disposal fee; ANY TYPE OF ANIMAL in our traps requires releasing, relocation, disposal, trap rebaiting or replacement and cleaning. When a non target animal is in our trap, the target animal can’t be caught.


Daily service call fee; State Law requires live traps be checked daily, so we must have access to our traps.  Please call between 7-9 am to report an animal in our traps.


Trap Tampering; releasing non-target animals, touching, moving or baiting our traps is NOT allowed. We set our traps to reveal tampering. We use commercial baits, oils and scents to target certain animals ONLY. Very little is used, and often, invisible scent trails are used. Please don’t add your groceries or pets food “because you can’t see the bait”.


NO GUARANTEE TO CATCH ANIMALS. Animals get hit by cars, shot, trapped, poisoned, caught by predators and sometimes scared off. Disease, starvation, fighting, exposure to the elements and human contamination also take many more every year. Many times we use trade secrets, professional products or expert knowledge of animal tolerance to move animals.


Attention: Undisclosed Requirements

Property owner/manager must disclose all requirements for payment (W-9, Vendor registration, insurance certificate, etc.) in writing prior to work being started or the property owner agrees to waive any undisclosed requirements for payment.

The invoice “Actual Total” is due on the “Completion Date”.


We WARRANTY OUR EXCLUSION BARRIERS ONLY, not the entire building. Warranty inspections are NOT free, unless you confirm our barriers were breached.

Contact us for full Warranty details.


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National Wildlife Control Operators Association Chamber of Commerce Certified