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Snake capture and removal out of basements, yards, sheds, garages and attics. Permanent barriers installed.

450540655.jpg Poisonous snakes in Indiana include the Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, Western Cottonmouth, and the Massasauga Rattlesnake. The Massasauga are found around rivers or swamps, are usually timid, and do not strike unless provoked. Northern Copperheads, on the other hand, are very temperamental and will strike constantly until it tires itself out. Their bodies are tan and brown, and their heads are v-shaped and copper-colored. They do not rattle.

Copperhead bites are not fatal to adults but can be fatal to children or pets after repeated bites. You may find snakes under your house or deck, in a pool or hot tub, or inside the home. Climbing snakes find holes in homes and climb into attics to shed their skin. We perform a thorough inspection of the foundation of the home and repair the holes to keep snakes and vermin out in the future.

We do not deal with the Western Cottonmouth or the Timber Rattlesnake because they are found in southern Indiana which is out of our service area.

Photos of Snake Removal in Michiana:

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