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We'll trap opossum under your deck, porch or shed in Michigan and Indiana

147332220.jpgThe opossum is the only marsupial in North America, meaning the animal carries its young in a pouch (much like a kangaroo). Once a female opossum mates, she gives birth as soon as 13 days later to a litter to roughly a dozen babies. Opossums can live in your attic or under decks. They can carry diseases which humans, pets, and livestock may contract. It is important for our rural customers to be aware of a neurological disease opossums carry called Equine Protazoal Myeloencephalitis or (EPM) that can affect horses. We strive to release healthy opossums, however, humane lethal traps are favorable for those that are not. Do not take chances and contact us immediately when you sight these critters.

Photos of Opossum Removal in Michiana:

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