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Mole trapping and removal evokes many emotions in our customers. They can be very destructive as they dig tunnels through yards, create large mounds of dirty, cause lawns to feel spongy, and damage landscape. Many customers are frustrated due to the inefficiency of many pest control companies who merely spray poison to remove grubs instead of killing worms, which are the mole's main food source.

184897025.jpgTrapping is the most effective and economical method to control mole infestation. The traps our company uses are sold to professionals only and are completely underground, away from pets and children. We anchor and mark our traps with flags. We ask that our customers leave at least a foot around the traps when mowing grass so as not to set them off due to the vibration from the lawn mower.

Photos of Mole Removal in Michiana:

For these reasons, many people wish to have this nuisance animal removed from the property. This is usually accomplished with lethal traps as there are no known effective live mole traps.

How much does it cost to trap moles?

Estimates are unique to each situation. Moles become wary when their soil is constantly disturbed, making it harder to catch them. When our customers see us trap moles, they immediately know the difference between professional mole trappers and novice trappers.

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Every failed attempt to remove moles increases their awareness to human activity and decreases our effectiveness. Underground trapping requires experience. When they are properly set, it is possible to catch every mole on the property within days. Please leave the tunnels and mounds undisturbed before we arrive to set traps.

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