Mice Extermination and Rat Control

We are the Indiana and Michigan mice removal and rat extermination experts.

Choose Awesome Critter Gitters and you won't ever need a yearly rodent poison or trapping contract. We'll inspect your home, seal out the mice, rats and chipmunks and keep those critters out forever!

450168745.jpg Mice and rats can live in your attic, scratch inside your walls and chew through your electrical wires and equipment. Instead of charging you to live with rodents month to month like other pest control companies do, we seal your home with a WRITTEN GUARANTEE to keep mice, rats and other pests out FOREVER.

Mice removal and pest control jobs are labor intensive and require expensive equipment. It is for this reason that our home inspection, estimate and consultation is $150.00 and up for most residential homes. All of our rodent exclusion sealing products and materials are purchased from professional wildlife control supply companies and proven effective. We use the same method to exterminate rats, chipmunks, squirrels and other pests inside your home.

Mouse and Rat Extermination in Indiana and Michigan With so many types of mouse and rat traps, sonic control, powders, poisons and flashing lights available on the shelves, it's hard to know the best method to get rid of mice, remove pests and keep them out for good. We at Awesome Critter Gitters have been doing this a long time and we've determined the right way to get rid of mice and rats and keep them out for good.

The only real way to handle your mouse and rat problem is to ensure they never enter again. That's why we put so much focus on finding the mouse, rat and other rodent entry points and installing permanent exclusion barriers to keep those pests out for good.

Call us today and we'll come take care of your mouse, rat, squirrel or rodent problem in Indiana, Michigan and the entire Michiana area - and we'll do it the right way - safe, humanely and effectively - and keep them out for good.

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