Dead Animal, Carcass and Odor Removal

We remove dead animals in walls, under decks and unknown locations. Odor removal.

474487577.jpgWe remove dead animals from both inside and outside properties. Once found, we clean up deterioration and control the odor. We do not remove domesticated animals, wildlife only. Homeowners and Pest control companies using poison are our best dead animal customers. We also have many people who trap lactating female raccoon and squirrels then leave the babies to starve and dehydrate to death in attics every year. By far the most expensive dead jobs, we have every year, are homeowners who try and remove or seal out bats. When bats can't go out their entrance holes, they find a way out or in, usually down inside the home basement or walls.

It’s illegal and dangerous for the general public to restrain injured wildlife or attempt rehabilitation without a license. If you encounter a injured animal, do not touch it in case it is stunned or resting. It may recover or be found by its mother if left alone.

If an animal is injured on a roadway, contact the police department that patrols that road or highway and report the animal species if possible, i.e. deer, coon, hawk, etc. The Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR) telephone number is in the State Government (Blue Pages) section, in front of the phone book.

If, after watching the animal for at least 30-60 minutes, you’re sure it’s sick, injured or acting abnormally, call your State Department of Natural Resources for consultation and information on State Licensed Animal Rehabilitators. Most rehabilitators specialize in rare animals or birds vs. those that are heavily populated. Although licensed by the State, rehabilitators are NOT funded by the State and rely on contributions and donations from people like you.

Michigan Licensed Animal Rehabilitators

Indiana Licensed Animal Rehabilitators

Removing a Dead Animal From Your Property

Locating dead animals on your property can be difficult and may often take days or weeks. We have small, flexible, lighted cameras to examine areas that are inaccessible to you. Not only do they carry an offensive odor, but they attract other animals and insects to your property. We take precautions to ensure there are no lingering or returning odors upon removal.

Photos of Dead Animal Removal in Michiana:

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