Bobcat and Cougar Removal

Humane relocation of big cats

Michigan and Indiana Bobcat & Cougar sightings are very rare. If your pets or farm animals are attacked please use the ONLY company that has the equipment and expertise to relocate these beautiful animals where they can live. 

177536747.jpgCougar sightings are extremely rare and bobcats are found in very remote areas. Bobcats prey on farm animals and family pets. We have years of experience from decades of on-field experience to trap these animals. Please do not attempt to contain the situation without a professional. 

Our local DNR officers do not have enough experience with large cats to recognize a cat kill. In 2007 a local DNR officer mis-diognosed a Cougar kill on a horse in Berrien County, MI.  When a Cougar is desperate enough to attack a horse, a child could be it's next victim. I've trapped and tracked large cats from MI Upper Peninsula to the Canadian Rockies. 

Photos of Bobcat and Cougar Removal in Michiana:

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