Bird Removal and Control

Pigeons, Woodpecker, Sparrows management and clean up. 

Michiana Birds Can Be Destructive, Dangerous and Dirty

452498905.jpgBirds can be destructive to the roof, attic, soffit, fascia, vents, siding and trim of your building and yard and beach of your property. They nest in vents and roofs and spread droppings everywhere. Damage from birds happens fast so it is important for you to call us as soon as you suspect a problem. Many species require a Federal permit to deal with them. They can carry many diseases and mites. Our professional bird-catching experts have a great record of safely and humanely removing birds.

We are Bird Barrier Certified Bird Control Specialist. No job is too small or too big for us. We remove birds from vents and install a Stainless lifetime Warranty cover. We can capture thousands of Pigeons from factories, gas stations, or large buildings anywhere. We offer birth control, permanent exclusion barriers and clean up of bird feces bio-hazards. If woodpeckers attack your property, do not delay, call us immediately! 

Photos of Bird Removal in Michiana:

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