Bat Removal and Control

We will remove bats, bat colonies and bat guano and keep them out forever!

Our Bat Guano Removal and Attic Restoration service will exterminate bat mites, disinfect - sanitize - and virucide your attic with brand new insulation to keep bats out forever.

  • Humanely remove the entire bat colony then seal your home
  • Provide you with a whole house written warranty to keep the bats out
  • Remove the bat urine and guano odor
  • Replace attic insulation using state-of-the-art HEPA filtered equipment
  • Repair animal damage to your home
  • Give you a cost estimate of removing the guano from the home and new insulation if needed

Trust the #1 Wildlife Removal Experts

Don't be fooled by fly-by-night, out of town companies who give warranty on "the hole they seal up". It's in their best interest to under-cut companies like ours so they can come back at a latter date to explain their "small print" about disclaimers on parts of the house "they didn't work on". They offer "Free Quotes" on bat jobs over the phone. Every building construction is different, so how can they figure an entire bat hole seal job,without even seeing the building? Our estimates include sealing all the holes bats can re-enter, after we've performed a complete building inspection, so we can give you an unconditional Whole Building Warranty.

Let the Awesome Critter Gitters team protect your family against rabid bats!

Contact us today to speak with a professional about removing bats and bat guano from your home. We'll safely and humanly remove the bats and keep them out for good. Trust us, the Wildlife Removal experts with over 50 years of experience!

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Bat Colony and Bat Guano Removal Service Michigan and Indiana

Watch Quentin and Brian of Awesome Critter Gitters discuss the dangers of having bats in your home.

Bat Risks and Warnings

176958570.jpgBat feces (or guano) grow a fungus that is dangerous to breathe. Our Bat Guano Removal and Control experts use HEPA filtered equipment and safety protocol unmatched by other companies. It is best to deal with bats when bugs fly, except for during the middle of the summer.

Most bats in the Michiana area give birth around the end of May, depending on the weather. Any attempt to remove the colony during the birthing summer months will sentence the nursing young to a starvation death inside the home. Bat insect control is a critical part of our ecology, economy and environment. Please do not kill them needlessly.

Photos of Bat Removal in Michiana:

Bats in the walls or attic?

If you have bats inside of your home annually or every winter, there is a high probability that there is a colony living in your attic. Many people think bats are okay because they keep the mosquito population down, however this is an urban legend. In fact, larger insects are their main staple, especially moths.

You may notice small animal droppings on your deck or walkway. Sweep it up and if you see it again a few days later, you most likely have a growing bat colony in your home. Most people are unaware of the guano or the size of the bat colony because it is washed off of the roof and goes into the gutters.

Don't Assume You Can Solve the Problem

Every bat season, we spend endless hours explaining how to handle bats to terrified callers. Many people assume that they should locate the entry point, wait for them to fly out at night and then plug the hole. The problem is that not all bats in the colony leave at once. Many land around the hole to eat, defecate and loaf during the night. During the summer months, when people are entering and exiting the home with food in hand, they are highly likely to be bitten.

When trying to close the hole, it is common for all of the bats to fly into our face because we surprise them. If you are scratched or bitten while attempting to close the hole, please be prepared for the expensive rabies shots. It's impossible to catch the individual bat that touched you and test it for rabies.

During the winter, many people call to ask how to find bats and seal their entry point. Usually they’ve caught two or three and released them outside. Releasing bats outside in the winter is a death sentence for bats, and it causes the risk of a hungry animal or pet finding and eating a bat that is probably diseased.

The interior walls of homes have no insulation causing warm air to rise into the attic. The bat colony huddles together and hibernates for the winter in the warm attic. It’s too cold for them to hang from the rafters. As the temperature increases, they wake up and move along an inner wall with water pipes or electrical wires to make their way into the basement, often causing damage.

Our bat removal control service removes individual bats and seals holes inside the home, however the bat colony as a whole cannot be dealt with during the winter. No matter what, do not seal any holes on the outside of the home!

Please let's keep our family and pets top priority:

  • The bat may need to be tested for rabies.
  • Did it touch anyone in the night? Are there children unable to speak present?
  • Did it touch a pet during the night? Are all the pets’ rabies shots up to date?

If you are aware of a bat, but are not absolutely sure about your family and pets safety, have the bat tested at the County Health Dept. The bat must have its skull in tack for testing on the brain so care in euthanizing the bat must be taken

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Contact us today to speak with a professional. We'll safely and humanly remove wildlife from your home and keep them out for good. Trust us, the Wildlife Removal experts with over 50 years of experience!


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