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Awesome Critter Gitters specialize in Animal Control and human-wildlife cohabitation management. Our skilled technicians will remove any unwanted pests from your Dowagiac property then repair the damage to your building.

In addition to Animal Control, we will also clean and decontaminate your property with HEPA vacuums. To further ensure your family's safety, we are a fully insured, family owned and operated company with professional wildlife control experience dating back to 1965.

As members of National Wildlife Control Operators Association, we strive to provide the most current wildlife control methods available in Dowagiac. We are also a dealer and installer for Bird B Gone Inc. and Copperfield Chimney Supply Inc.

Awesome Critter Gitters is Indiana and Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Licensed to handle all types of WILD animals and specialize Animal Control. Our professional technicians are all insured and animal control experts.

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National Wildlife Control Operators Association Chamber of Commerce Certified