Animal Control Benton Harbor MI

In addition to Animal Control, we will also clean and decontaminate your property with HEPA vacuums. To further ensure your family's safety, we are a fully insured, family owned and operated company with professional wildlife control experience dating back to 1965.

We Are the Animal Control Professionals

  • Licensed and Insured in Michigan and Indiana
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • Humanely remove animals and keep them out by installing barriers or exclusion work with a Written Guarantee
  • Dealer and Installer of Copperfield Chimney-Homesaver Stainless Lifetime Warranty caps and chimney repair accessories
  • Certified Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone Bird Control Specialist specializing in pigeon control and their bio hazard feces clean-up

We've managed wildlife in Southwestern Michigan and Northwestern Indiana for 50 years. We trap everything from mice to deer for our clients in Benton Harbor MI and nearby communities.

As members of National Wildlife Control Operators Association, we strive to provide the most current wildlife control methods available in Benton Harbor. We are also a dealer and installer for Bird B Gone Inc. and Copperfield Chimney Supply Inc.

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National Wildlife Control Operators Association Chamber of Commerce Certified