Awesome Critter Gitters Mice Warranty

Mice Extermination and Exclusion Warranty - Explained

Most customers either have or have had a mice infestation. That's why they've found our company - for relief from the reoccurring problem year after year.

We warranty our stainless exclusion work for a lifetime. It should be understood that building materials will decay and/or fall apart over time, well before our stainless work. Normally our customers have mouse-free living for many, many years.

We use the very best stainless steel exclusion and barrier products available and we expect them to last a lifetime... or more. We tightly seal our stainless with either acrylic or silicone caulk when the aesthetics requires a clean finished look.

When sealing our stainless under siding or areas of the building foundation that are not so visible, we use a closed cell pepper (capsaicin) foam. This foam penetrates every crack and crevice and soaks into the stainless for a very tight, solid, permanent seal. The pepper ingredient also deters rodent chewing. Many customers claim our rodent exclusion work also prevents or substantially slows insect infestations such as stink bugs and Asian Beatles (lady bugs). While this is usually the case because of our thorough exclusion techniques, we make no claims or warranty regarding insect control effectiveness.

Our Warranty does not cover parts of the building we have not performed work on. Sometimes weather exposure, building material, etc. make some areas more vulnerable than others. In the interest of keeping the cost as low as possible, we may advise not performing exclusion work on areas that rodents can't enter AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION. Other times we may not be able to examine the entire building, usually because of a deck, landscaping or other difficult obstruction. While difficult, it may not be impossible with more investment of time and money. When this situation occurs, it is noted on the original work order. Most customers choose to seal up the issues we know are bad, then wait to see if deck boards, etc. need to be removed in the future for further inspection. Please note: these are not "places we missed" the first time, they are places our customers are informed about and choose to wait and see if they need more work later.

If you or our technicians find a rodent breech in our exclusion work, the inspection, rodent removal and re-sealing are all free and no cost to the customer. Otherwise, please understand that our WARRANTY INSPECTIONS ARE NOT FREE.

We do not guarantee buildings to be "mouse free". We stand behind our products and services but the fact is that most homeowners unwittingly fail to do their due diligence to keep the rodents out! Rodents are commonly allowed to enter through open garages, pet doors, etc. Our exclusion work is done on the exterior of the building, so when the customer carries rodents inside the garage, attic or home, they are an accomplice in breaching our mouse-proof exterior! This very common issue is why our Warranty inspections are no longer free.

Below is a very short, incomplete list of how rodents are commonly carried into the home:

  • Pet food bags, bird seed bags, lawn and garden seed containers
  • Vehicles parked in the garage
  • Motorcycles, quads, lawnmowers, boats, golf cards, snowmobiles, etc.
  • Holiday decoration boxes and tubs
  • Outdoor patio lawn furniture and equipment (BBQ grills, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Pool equipment and accessories
  • Sports equipment such as kayaks, hunting/fishing gear, skis, golf clubs, etc.
  • Seasonal clothing (school backbacks, winter clothing)
  • Inherited, auction, rummage, given, loaned or other obtained box or container

If you have questions about our Mouse Extermination and Exclusion services or warranty, just let us know.

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