What do we do with the animals after they are captured?
Foremost, we must obey Michigan and Indiana law. Depending on the species, certain rabies vectors must be euthanized by law, while some protected animals must be released immediately. If the animal is healthy, we prefer to relocate it. If the animal is sick or injured, we refer to our local DNR licensed animal rehabilitator for guidance regarding the next step. Humane euthanization is sometimes a more favorable option; however, upon customer request, we may live-catch and release a species we normally euthanize for a premium fee.
How much do you charge to trap bats, raccoons, and woodchucks?
General estimates given over the phone are limited to single-story, full-time owner, residential-sized lots for 1/4 acres or less. More accurate estimates can be made for multiple-story and larger properties, depending on the extent of the infestation. Because Michigan and Indiana law require traps to be checked every day and animals to be released within 24 hours, we ask our residential family customers to watch the traps and notify us immediately of a catch. Being interactive can save our customers money. If no one is living at the home, we watch the traps every day. Bats, goose, coyotes, beavers, muskrats, and other vermin removal is priced differently depending on the infestation.
Can the city or county take care of the animals for free?
No. Government animal control deals only with domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats. While city or county animal services may help with select wildlife cases, they would not be performing thorough and humane wildlife control. Wildlife control is a complex and specialized field that requires a lot of dedication and experience. We do not simply remove the pest--we assess and contain all damage resulting from the infestation.
Can pest control companies provide wildlife control?
No. Pest control companies specialize in treating insects, usually using poison to do so. Wildlife control of large animals is an entirely different specialization that requires attention from professional nuisance wildlife trappers only. Instead of using poison, we can trap on the ground at a competitive price.
Do you use poison?
Absolutely not. Poison is not an effective solution for wildlife control as it is for insects. The proper way to assess the infestation is to locate the entry holes the pests are using to enter the home, sealing the holes shut with stainless steel, and trapping the pests for removal.
Do you exterminate termites or other insects?
As of 2011, we are re-entering the pest control business because many companies are producing all-natural, effective products that we can guarantee are safe for our families. When animals get into our homes, they carry fleas, ticks, mites, and insects. Merely deodorizing and covering the insects with the new insulation (like our competition does) forces the insects to move down the walls inside your home. Choose a more experienced professional wildlife-pest control company whose safety protocol decreases dangerous foot traffic through your home. We have pest control licenses issued by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Office of Indiana State Chemist which require a two-year apprenticeship and proven expertise.
Do you use humane traps?
Wildlife control operators use different traps unique to every type of animal and situation. As professional DNR trappers for decades, all of our traps are legal in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. Whether the trap is lethal or live-capture, we use the most effective and humane traps.
What is your service area?
Our company works from Gary to Goshen in northwest Indiana and New Buffalo to Sturgis in southwest Michigan.
How long have you been in business?
We have over 50 years of experience--since 1956.
Are you licensed?
Our company employees are fully trained and licensed by both Indiana and Michigan Departments of Natural Resources. We also hold licenses from Michigan's Department of Agriculture and The Office of Indiana State Chemist.
Are you insured?
We are fully insured in both northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan for all residential and most commercial jobs. We can purchase additional insurance to meet any company's requirements.
Why do you charge so much?
Our top priority is the safety of our families. We have invested thousands of dollars in Hepa-filtered equipment, respirators, disinfectants, sanitizers, virucides, and numerous other equipment to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. Experience and knowledge are our next priorities. All of our employees are college graduates and have at least a four-year apprenticeship with our company. Lastly, we value experience. Our customers feel better about our warranties and product guarantees knowing we are a family-owned and operated organization dating back generations.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, most credit cards, and PayPal.
Do you pick up orphaned animals or birds?
We do not rescue and rehabilitate lost or injured baby animals. We are not allowed to restrain an animal for longer than 24 hours.
Do you pick up dead animals and remove odor?
Yes. Our minimum charge is $100.00 to pick up a wild animal in a known, accessible location. We dispose the carcass and saturate the area with an odor removal product in the Niles, MI or South Bend, IN area. Dead animals in closed or remote areas require a larger fee. Animals hit by cars that are lying within 30 feet of the center line of the road are the road owner's responsibility.
Do you pick up animals I have trapped?
No. Customers with these inquiries do not have permission to release animals anywhere and usually do so illegally.
Which animals do you handle?
Indiana and Michigan nuisance wildlife that is causing conflict with a person or their property. Common examples are squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, pigeons, bats, snakes, moles, woodchucks, etc.
Which animals carry rabies?
Any mammal can.
What health risks do wild animals pose?

Wild animals can carry several diseases that humans can contract through droppings or direct contact. It is important to identify and diagnose these diseases early and correctly before they become chronic.

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