To Trap or Not To Trap - REBUTTAL

Trapping is Not Wildlife Control


After reading John Matuszak’s recent article “To trap or not to trap” in the Herald Palladium, I thought some clarification of our interview was needed.

The most important information I told John was omitted from his article. After reading it I think Berrien County Animal Control must have given him our company as a reference just to make us look like we didn’t know what we were talking about. BCAC and I actually have a very long history. Val Grimes inhumanely trapped wildlife illegally for years until my repeated complaints and finally threat to involve the Federal Government forced her to obtain a Michigan Wildlife Control Permit. After my final complaint I called Val and discussed her trapping methods explaining how she (her employees) were inadvertently treating baby animals inhumanely. Val was very nice and acknowledged their mistakes. I thought the issues were resolved and never bothered to investigate it again. 

After discussing BCAC trapping methods, I also informed Val of the list of bio-hazards associated with wildlife that I as a pet owner, as well as Berrien Co. residents didn’t want our pets exposed to. I explained to her just carrying raccoon in BCAC vehicles exposed pets, adults and children to Raccoon Roundworms which can only be destroyed by heat. BCAC disinfecting protocol is sadly ineffective, and Val knows this. Please don’t make me think County employee job security is a legitimate reason to expose County residents to such a heinous disease as raccoon roundworms.

Although rare, is one case of raccoon roundworms in a Berrien Co. child worth knowingly allowing an incompetent entity to continue their inhumane, illegal activities? The CDC notes of raccoon roundworms:

It is difficult to associate a single case of any infectious disease with a specific site of exposure. BCAC relies upon this difficulty to relieve themselves of legal liability. Even so I want to remind them they are paid by Berrien County tax dollars and owe a duty of care and responsibility to the residents, they are failing at.

Jim Sheffield, Manager

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