Mouse Exterminator to Mice Exclusion Evolution

Mice trapping has been a battle of wits since the beginning of time. There's been more mouse extermination methods, mouse traps, mouse sonic control, flashing lights and powders invented than any other household pest control devices.

Mouse and Rat damage - Wildlife Removal Experts

Mouse and Rat damage - Wildlife Removal Experts

After trapping for the same customers year after year we decided to purchase special inspection equipment: expensive lighted mirrors, flexible shaft cameras, ultraviolet lights and $4000 infrared cameras to determine how mice enter homes. Our goal was to perform mice exclusion work to keep unhealthy mice infestations out of homes, rather than adding to the problem with poisoned dead mice. We never considered poison in a home where children and pets lived.

Most pest control companies sell customers a mice poisoning contract, usually a year long. The problem with poison is mice seek out water after consuming poison and often die inside walls or other inaccessible places. Of course pest control companies won't assume responsibility for the horrific odor from the decaying mice. Our company is called to remove dead mice in walls, many times a year. We do not use poison to remove mice already established inside the home. We formulate our own baits and rely on expert trapping methods.

Mice eat all kinds of garbage and move through all kinds of filthy places including sewage pipes. Their fur is very oily, when combined with the dirty places they travel, makes greasy trails in well-traveled routes. Most people don't recognized these "greasy trails" for what they are when they see them in their homes. We've used an ultraviolet light to show concentrations of mice urine in the past, but found that some housewives are so repulsed by the sight, in their pantries and kitchens, that we now refrain from using the light with sensitive customers.

Mouse and Rat damage - Wildlife Removal Experts

We've seen every kind of electric, sonic, critter control powder made... none work. If they did we would sell them. After a decade of rodent barrier experimentation, we've settled on Stainless Steel barriers and exclusion material to keep mice out permanently. Our work is painstakingly slow, precise, sometimes claustrophobic, intensive labor using expensive professional pest prevention materials not commonly offered to the general public.

Our exclusive mouse inspections and barriers proved to be equally effective for all types of rodents: rats, chipmunks, squirrels, voles and shrews. An unexpected bonus of the exclusion work, performed on my family home, was the almost total stink bug and Asian beetle barrier. My wife is allergic to Asian beetles and she couldn't have been happier. Insect results may vary on different buildings.

Mice have very pungent, urine and musk glands. Unfortunately most people grow accustomed to this offensive odor, as it slowly intensifies, and attribute it to mold or mildew often in drop ceilings or basements. Accumulating mouse nests can contribute to asthma, allergies and serious, sometimes fatal sickness called Hantavirus. Here is a link to our United States Center for Disease Control information on the subject:

Mouse and Rat damage - Wildlife Removal Experts

Our Awesome Company utilizes Hepa filtered vacuums, Tyvek suits, power air respirators, and very expensive Hepa filtered air scrubbers to safely remove all types of animal originated bio-hazards. After all nesting hazards, feces and food sources are safely removed, we use commercial fogging equipment to totally cover every inch of the restored area with a powerful disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide to remove the odor and germs.

In the past our company's comprehensive pest rodent prevention "exclusion barriers" service was not offered, so unhealthy and dangerous rodent infestations were inevitable in every home. Don't waste your money calling out dated Pest control services that force your family, friends or employees to live with health hazards and poisoned rodent carcasses. Call Awesome Critter Gitters to schedule a building inspection, estimate and consultation today.

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