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We Are the Wildlife Removal & Control Professionals

  • Licensed and Insured in Michigan and Indiana
  • Over 50 years of Animal Control experience
  • Member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • Humanely remove animals and keep them out by installing barriers or exclusion work with a Written Guarantee
  • Dealer and Installer of Copperfield Chimney-Homesaver Stainless Lifetime Warranty caps and chimney repair accessories
  • Certified Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone Bird Control Specialist specializing in pigeon control and their bio hazard feces clean-up

Trust Awesome Critter Gitters to restore the peace in your home.

Our Expertise

We've managed wildlife in Southwestern Michigan and Northwestern Indiana for 50 years. We trap everything from mice to deer. Our experienced inspectors will uncover the noise in the attic or walls and relocate the critters. Next, we'll repair the damage and eradicate the odors. When replacing attic insulation, we only use state-of-the-art HEPA filtered equipment.

Are you hearing noises in your attic, walls or crawl space? Our inspection experts will identify the species of animal, find the entrance point, and then remove the animals using the most humane and professional method. When we are sure ALL the animals are removed, we will close up the entry hole and repair the animal damage to prevent them from returning again. We offer a warranty on all our exclusion barriers.

How Amateurs Fail

Our animal control techs are young, strong and fit. You can't say that for our competitors franchise rookies. We see them in the field, so overweight they certainly can't inspect attics like we do. So old they simply can't carry ladders or climb on several story roofs. Let me assure you - if your price shopped pest control guy shows up without a ladder on his truck, it's impossible that you will receive the same quality inspection and damage repair we would give you.

Professional, humane trapping and relocation is the best method. Bat colonies should be kept together and baby animals should stay with their mothers. Do-it-yourselfers never handle wildlife correctly and usually incur property damage from trapped animals if they ultimately manage to trap one. Amateurs seal up animal holes only to have animals reenter their repair later.

County Animal Control and pest companies that solely trap cannot inspect, estimate accurately or repair the wildlife damage covered by your homeowners insurance. They force homeowners to incur costly annual trapping expenses; bio-hazard waste exposure; odor; fires and the cost of property damage simply because they are NOT Professional Wildlife Control Experts. Worse yet, they'll leave trampled, damaged, urine-soaked insulation in your attic because they seek job security. They're betting that you'll smell the urine and contact them to investigate next year.

County Animal Control, town handymen and pest companies compete with trained, licensed and insured private Wildlife Control Professionals. They bring unclean traps into homes, trap lactating female animals and euthanize them. When the homeowners hear the abandoned baby animals dehydrating and starving to death in their attics, the novice trappers tell them, “We don't go into attics to get animals out.” They transport diseased wildlife in County vehicles intended to carry pets. The local town employee traps animals on one side of town and drops them off on the other side of town so people living there are over run. Wildlife regulation violators have no idea how they impact wildlife and unfortunately, their ignorance relegates baby animals to a slow agonizing death.

Trust the #1 Wildlife Removal & Animal Control Professionals

Contact us today to speak with a professional. We'll safely and humanly remove wildlife from your home and keep them out for good. Trust us, the Wildlife Removal experts with over 50 years of experience!


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